About Delhi


Delhi is the capital city of India, and the city boasts of ancient heritage which blends beautifully with its modern infrastructure and facilities. Delhi is a city of myriad moods and whatever you're looking for is bound to chance upon you like it never has before.

Delhi is an idyllic symbol of the magnificent past and thriving present of India. It fascinates its various nationalities, diverse culture, rich traditions, heritage of bygone eras and modernization of lifestyle & culture – all at once. A perfect blend of modern era’s contemporary style & the grandeur of the medieval era, Delhi is a cultural hub and the political centre of India, with great historical significance. It’s a pulsating megalopolis that stifles and invigorates in equal measure.

If you're looking for historical monuments then Delhi is the place to be, it is home to three UNESCO world heritage sites, all of them are from the Mughal era of Indian history. It is home to some of the best culinary delights ranging from five-star restaurants to delightfully indie street food hawkers.

For a shopper’s delight, Delhi has some of the most exquisite brands residing in dazzling malls and at the same time features street shopping hubs for Authentic goods.

Delhi is a truly cosmopolitan city and a host for Indians from across the country who call it home. Feel lucky to be in the heart of the city, celebrated as a creation of colonial ambition by Sir Edwin Lutyens.

Things to do in Delhi


Both Old and New Delhi are endowed with some of the exciting shopping hubs. Famous for hand painting, textiles, tea, spices, handicrafts and others, makes Delhi an important shopping destination of central India.

Visit Connaught Place, only 10 minutes away from the Conference Venue, which has awesome emporiums of country’s various states, selling authentic and reasonable goods.

Dilli Haat is open-air and very similar to that of a weekly village market. The stalls are erected with thatched roofs and the place gives a good blend of culture, handicrafts, music and much more. This is the best place to buy Indian handicrafts and artifacts from various states.

Walk towards the streets of Janpath bazaars, city’s most vibrant marketplace. The ambiance is colorful and charismatic. Walk past an endless array of curios and clothes hung in tiny shops and spread on the side of the street.

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